Postal code: 422111
Address: 154 Lenina St, Kukmor city, Republic of Tatarstan.
INN (Taxpayer Identification Number): 1623000219

Bank details:

KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 162301001
OKONKh (All-Russia Classifier of Economic Branches) 14841
KPO (All-Russia Classifier of Enterprises and Organisations) 02959221
Settlement account 40702810062090100049
Correspondent account 30101810600000000603
BIC 049205603
Bank Branch No.8610 of Sberbank of Russia of the city of Kazan.


Sales Office: (84364) 2-77-55, 2-74-92, 2-84-74
External Relations Office 2-82-86
Procurement Office 2-78-73
Commercial Office 2-62-46


Sales Office

Our shipping details:

Station and destination road: Vyatskiye Polyany, Gorky railroad, code: 253809.
Recipient:Kukmor Plant of Metalware AO (Open Joint-Stock Company) code 3419.