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years of production
Our company’s history has begun from manufacturing of aluminum ware at Kukmor Plant in 1950.


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Our company cooperates with a large number of reliable suppliers and dealers for sale of the products being manufactured


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Our company has more than 10 lines of high-quality and beautiful ware in its assortment.


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KUKMARA is a balanced team of professionals and associates creating safe and modern ware.

According to the results of archaeological excavations, the Kukmor settlement is about 700 years old. And the name "Kukmor" is associated with the landscape natural landmark - mount Kukmor, which is translated from Persian as "the foot of a big mountain". Historical books first mentioned Kukmor in the beginning of XVII century due to the emergence of copper-smelting plants.

Copper-smelting manufactories occupied a great place in the industry of that time. The origins of our factory relate to the year 1743. Initially, this plant was called the copper-smelting plant and was founded by the merchant and breeder Semyon Yeremeyev-Inozemtsev. The following favourable conditions were an important element when establishing the plant: forest, two dams, existing copper mines. The plant consisted of 5 copper-smelting furnaces. At the end of the XVIII century, the plant was formed into a company. In the early XIX century more than 700 people worked at the factory. After depletion of the mines, the company went bankrupt and ceased to exist.

Only in 1930 the factory begins to engage in the production of forged wagons, manufacture of metal dishware and household items. In 1940, foundry production was organized. In 1940-1945, the factory produced wagons and sleds to be sent to the battlefront. In 1950, the factory launched manufacture of aluminium cookware. In 1967, the factory was renamed into "KukmorskiyzavodMetalloposudy" ("Kukmor factory of metal dishware").

Today AO "Kukmorskiyzavod Metalloposudy" ("Kukmor factory of metal dishware" JSC) is known in Russia, CIS, countries of near and far abroad as a manufacturer of cast aluminum cookware, cookware with non-stick coating, goods for tourism and recreation, loaf moulds.

Preservation of succession, passing and reproduction of the experience of previous generations allowed our factory to create a new generation product under the "KUKMARA" trademark.

"KUKMARA" combines the best traditions of the past and modern innovations, the best quality and reliability proven over time.